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Etude House: Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base Review
안녕! ^^
Finally…! I got some money to buy the products from the Etude House Sweet Recipe Line which concept is sooo yummy and cute at the same time, and I was almost dying to put my hands on those products, and… I'm super excited to review all of them so soon :)

But!, today I will review the last one I got which is the Baby Choux Base 

To start with, the box is really cute, like always, Etude House has the best packaging and boxes ever!


"This light and fluffy choux cream-like makeup base creates baby choux skin with its moist inside and soft smoothness on the outside"

Volume: 25gr
SPF 25, PA++

The design of the packaging is really pretty, really princessy-like.
Downside of it is the fact that the jar is a bit heavy and is not something you would be able to carry everywhere in your purse.

It also comes with a spatula which is hygienic because you won't need to use your finger to get some product out.

No.1 Mint Choux

The consistency is creamy, but thick at the same time.
Just a bit of the product is needed to cover a whole part of your face. It's not hard to blend, but I have to admit it does blend weirdly, lol.

Make sure not to use a lot of it, or it can make you look ghostly.

My face has gotten really dry due to weather change, and it kind of tends to cake on the dryness... but here goes a tip...

*Tip: Warm the product with your fingers and then apply it to your face or use primer right before applying this base*

I hope you can get some sort of idea about the consistency of the product with this picture:)

I'm the worst at describing scents, actually, but… It's a bit strong (At least the mint one), and it's a combination between mint | citric | fresh smell.
I don't really like it, and I which it was a bit more subtle, but it doesn't last long anyway, so I think it's fine for me.

The finish is matte, because the product is aimed to people with redness, the main focus is to cancel out this redness, that's why (in my opinion), it doesn't give you a dewy finish. 
As far as I know, the berry choux does make your face look dewy after the application, so if that is what you are looking for, you should check out some reviews about it ^^

Also, one remarkable thing is that you can use this choux by itself, if you have redness, it covers up much part of it and makes your skin tone even.


I used waaaaay too much product here~ 
You can see there's a bit of red/pink areas in my arm... lol

Here, you can see it looks a bit more even ^^


Here, I have only applied primer + baby choux base. 
I didn't apply concealer or bb cream.

~ SPF 25 ~
~ Covers my redness pretty well ~
~ Can be used by itself and make you look flawless ~

~ Heavy packaging ~
~ Smell ~
~ Doesn't run smooth on my dry areas, T_T ~
~ Can make you look really pale if used a lot of it ~
~ I can't actually measure how much of it to take ~

Overall, I think I'm ok with it, I will keep on using it, and I hope once my skin recovers from minor breakouts, It can look smooth and make my face look flawless! *hopes, hopes*

Have you tried any of the Etude House Sweet Recipe Line yet?. Let me know :)
Thank you for reading and take care!

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