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✩ Review: MAC Wonder Woman BB Cream ✩
Hi everyone :)
I'm back with a new review on MAC's Wonder Woman BB Cream
I heard some things about it from one of my friends who absolutely love it,  so I decided to try it out ^^
ok, so before I start, I would like to ask you guys if should I shorten the length of my reviews, because they are so long and it may result a bit boring to read them… So, what do you guys think??

Anyway… moving on with the review ^^

So damaged box ^^
It has the wonder woman on it (obviously -__- )
Packaging is so small, in fact I was expecting a bit more of product, but oh… well
So, you just squeeze the bottle so the product come out ;)
 I got shade #1, it kind of looks lighter on my hand, but it blends so nicely with my skin tone :)
My hands look so tan -___-
Ugly summer :(

"An intensely hydrating silky foundation that leaves skin looking and feeling great"

~ SPF 30++ ~
Volume: 40ml / 1.4 fl.oz

~ SPF 30++ ~
~ Nice coverage: Medium to Full coverage ~
~ Three shades: Light, Medium, Purple like (to conceal redness) ~

ok, so… first… I think mine is a fake version, it still says 'Made in Canada' in the packaging, but I have my doubts :/

This BB Cream is just like any other korean BB Cream, it has a great SPF and the coolest thing is that it comes in 3 shades… I was hoping to get the purple one since I really, really love products that have purple undertone because I have lots of redness and they help to conceal it, but it was out of stock so I got the shade #1

This product is a BB Cream/Foundation kind of thing… It has super good coverage which is weird because most BB Creams doesn't cover a lot, just light/medium coverage. so, definitely the coverage is something I really like about this :) 

It has a bit thick consistency to it, but however, it's easy to blend… and it lasts the whole afternoon... 
It is actually, a bit drying… so if you really dry face, I won't suggest it… it can leave a bit of white cast around dry areas.

So… here are some pictures :)
(enjoy my ugly cheeks -___-)

As you can see… I have too much redness in my cheeks… And dry cheeks as well…
(Someone, please tell me how to ged rid of it T_T)
    BEFORE                                    ||                                           AFTER

Isn't this just great??. I'm so happy with he results, from ugly, red cheeks to flawless look in just one coat !! 

Oil Control: 
Finish Look: 

I'm so, so, so in love with his product… ^^

I hope you find this review useful :)
And please, let me know your thoughts and comments~


Thank you for reading !!

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