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Skin79: ALL-DAY Sun Powder SPF 30++ Review
안녕하세요 :3
Wow. It's been a while since my last post. Honestly, I wish I could be updating stuff more frequent but I've been so busy lately studying for finals and all that. I had this review on drafts for a month now and I've been editing it since then, and finally, I think it's ready to be published~
Hopefully you'll find this review Useful ^^

"The Diamond collection BB line keeps skin healthy from harmful environment and sensitive stimulation with Diamond Powder, Blooming jewel Complex making skin more shimmering like jewelry through light diffusion effect and Flora Bouquet Complex"
Cute packaging with a Diamond shape on top to hold it


~ Blocks UV rays~
~ Radiant and Shining skin like jewelry ~
~ Keeps skin healthy form harmful environment ~

Volume: 13g

~ SPF30 ~
~ Doesn't feel heavy ~
~ Gives the skin a nice sparkle effect ~
~ It doesn't clog pores ~

I was not expecting to write so much about this product, but It ended up being a long text post =_= so I hope this is clear to all of you and if you have any questions, leave a comment below~

I really liked this loose powder, it has a really light and nice smell just like roses.  
The powder comes in a light color so you need light skin tone otherwise, it won't look good since it will seem as if you have the wrong foundation/powder color.
It also has a slight pink undertone which is not a big problem for me since I have yellow undertone rather than pick, but it doesn't look weird at all, it blends nice with the skin :)

Something I really like is the packaging which looks so cute on your dressing table, but it's also something I don't like since you can't take it with you when you travel… It will open and your purse will look like a mess unless you put tape all around the border which eventually will damage the packaging depending on how strong the tape is  

The applicator looks like fluffy sponge (it is actually a sponge) but you can take it out and clean it as much as you want which is kinda perfect because it gets dirty and it won't give you a clean finish. But you can also use a powder brush, it's all up to you… I kind of prefer using a brush since it's easier to apply it in certain areas in which the sponge doesn't fit perfectly like under the eyes, and you won't waste as much product as you waste using the applicator because, even when it's 13g it's actually not a lot of powder~

This powder does last longer depending on how much you apply and how hot is the weather… Usually, it lasts the whole afternoon if it's not too humid outside, but if it's humid and sweaty then you'll need to re-apply it through the day…
Still, it has a huge oil control and has help my oily face to look good all Day ^^

The SPF30 is a huge plus to the product, it's my favorite thing tbh~

TIP: If you want to make the best out of this product, and you're gonna use the applicator it comes with let your base make up, bb cream or liquid foundation to settle and dry for some time… This way it will give you a nice matte finish with the nice sparkles and all that~

Anyway, here are some pictures of the applicator and how to remove it to properly clean it  :)
Sad Dirty Applicator (Sorry, I couldn't resist not to put it a sad face)
Put all together again and it will look like new ^^

Oil Control: 
Finish Look: 

Thank you for reading ^^

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